The NBA Season is rolling in and of course a new iteration of the NBA 2K franchise is upon us. The annual installment of this basketball franchise has held the top dog trophy for quite some time now. In turn, that usually results in a franchise growing stale and innovation sometimes seems to go to the wayside. The question on everyone’s mind is does NBA 2K20 deliver a top quality NBA experience through and through? Well, I can tell you I am enjoying the heck out of it.

The NBA 2K franchise has always been top notch in the visuals department and this year is no different. Lifelike player models, unbelievable tv style presentation and fluid UI menus are a treat to behold. The customization in the game is also fantastic as you can customize your own jerseys, arenas, logos, etc. in MyTeam. Which happens to be my favorite mode. You see, I love collecting sportscards and these game modes always suck me in.

Plenty of Game Modes!

When it comes it games modes you have plenty of options at your disposal once again. Quick Play, Play WNBA, NBA Today, PlayNow Online, 2KU, Black Top or just play with friends. That’s just in the Play Now Tab alone. You also have MyTeam, MyCareer, MyLeague tabs as well which contain multiple game modes within each. If you can’t find something to tickle your fancy then you need to go play checkers or something. NBA 2K20 is chock full of game modes that you can keep yourself busy throughout the NBA season, through next summer up until the release of 2K21.

The controls in this game can be as complex or as simple as you like. While an understanding of basketball playbooks is helpful it’s not a necessity and you can wing your way through games just shooting hoops whenever you are open. Now of course, if you take a gameplan like that online you are going to get smoked. You can choose to use the thumbsticks for fluid player movement or play like me and stick to the standard old buttons for shooting, passing and defense. Hey, I’m a total noob when it comes to basketball games even though I have been playing them since the 90’s.

My favorite mode, hands down, is the MyTeam. This is the mode where you collect cards and build up a team using those player cards. Apply consumables, renew contracts, buy packs, and more. It’s a ton of fun. You can compete in both single player and multiplayer modes if you so choose. Me? I stick to the single player because I have a hard-enough time with the CPU. My favorite game mode is the Triple Threat Mode which thankfully finally got fixed. I could not play the mode for the first 2 or 3 weeks upon release of the game but an update finally fixed that issue. In Triple Threat, you take 3 players of your own and you go against 3 random CPU players (unless you are playing multiplayer, then good luck). The object of the game is to be the first to score 21 points. If you win, you’ll earn prizes as well as a chance to open the Vault for an even better prize. The prizes change on certain dates too so you’ll want to play this mode as much as you can if you like getting specialty items. You can also earn prizes for total wins. There are challenges to complete in MyTeam as well as a Domination mode and Free Style. Now of course, this is a heavy micro transaction part of the game. Well actually, the entire game uses MT and VC, which can be earned in game but also purchased with real money.

Create Your Own Team Logos, Colors, Arena and more in MyTeam

MyCareer mode lets you create a player and run through a little story mode. Once you’ve run through the story and built up your player a bit you can then play NBA games or choose to head into the Neighborhood and face off against other real life MyPlayers. You can change your appearance, check out your progression, play in ProAms and even upgrade your Player. This is pretty much your Pro’s hub for everything. A lot of players really like playing in this mode to increase their player skill level.

Finally, MyLeague is where the folks that enjoy doing franchise and season modes. You can play an 80-year franchise customized exactly how you would like or take the role of the gM and build yourself a championship dynasty. You can also take your skills online and create an online league experience. Want more? Ok, how about taking control of one of the WNBA teams and playing through a single season. Still not enough? Then take an NBA team through a single season experience. And finally, customize a playoff experience and run your team through the gauntlet.

Play a full season with any WNBA Team

There are some quirks here and there in the gameplay as it’s not perfect. Errant passes seem to be prevalent when using buttons and a lot of times changing players can get you totally out of position. The AI can seem a bit dominant in certain runs, but that could also be me and my lack of ball skills. I still do run into occasional server errors, especially in MyTeam which can be annoying, but at least now I am finally able to play all the game modes. So no, the game isn’t perfect by any means but its definitely the best option out there and would remain so even if there was competition.

I mean seriously, this game is full of more game modes than you can shake a stick at. Anyone who says 2K20 has nothing to offer is out of their freaking mind. Veteran players still have some issues with the controls, but I can say for the casual player you can definitely expect a top-notch experience with this game. You get your money’s worth and more. Sports games in general offer up so much content these days that you can’t go wrong. I personally feel that NBA 2K20 has progressed a bit forward and isn’t just an annual roster update as some might suggest. Either way, it’s still a top-notch game with fantastic visuals, audio and game modes. You can’t go wrong, period. Should you consider the purchase. Yes. Yes, you should.

Score: 95 out of 100

** A copy of this game was provided by the publisher for review purposes

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