Lesquin, France, September 25, 2019 – For all sport fishing enthusiasts, more details have been revealed about the exclusive content and preorder bonuses for The Fisherman – Fishing Planet. The premium version of the hit free-to-play game Fishing Planet will release on 17 October on PC, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One.

The game provides easy access to the extensive content found in Fishing Planet and includes exclusive content for its biggest fans. A new fishing location, four new species of fish, a unique fishing technique and two new motorboats have been added to offer an even more realistic and complete experience.

The Fisherman – Fishing Planet is for all nature and sport fishing fans! The premium version of Fishing Planet, which sets the standard for fishing simulators and already boasts 5 million players, combines all the content released to date in one package: the equivalent of more than 30 DLCs as well as features exclusive to this premium version of the game. By moving from a free-to-play model with paid content to a premium model, it guarantees players will be able to enjoy a complete and immersive experience.

Fishing Planet content:

  • 138 species of fish with realistic behaviour
  • 18 beautiful water locations with authentic backgrounds and vegetation
  • Thousands of tackle combinations possible, each with unique properties
  • Dynamic weather with a day/night cycle and different seasons
  • Online competitions playable solo or co-op, with a trophies and ranking system

 The Fisherman – Fishing Planet exclusive content:

1 new waterway: 

  • La Creuse, in France

1 new fishing technique: trolling
4 new fish species to catch:

  • Common Nase – La Creuse, France
  • European Weatherfish – Lesní Víla Fishery, Czech Republic
  • Sterlet – Akhtouba River, Russia
  • Spotted Gar – Mudwater River, Missouri, USA

2 new motorboats:

  •  « Garry Scott Taurus » boat
  •  « Flaggmann Vega » boat

Grab your tackle, season starts on October 17th on PC, Playstation®4 and Xbox One.

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