Pig Eat Ball comes from Mommy’s Best Games and it’s an interesting title that can be described as unique and you’ll find nothing else like it. You play the role of a Pig Princess who competes in a competition where the winner gets to marry said Princess. Well, she is having none of that and enters the competition while equipping disguises to keep her identity hidden. Your goal? Eat all the tennis balls in each level. Eat until you throw up. No, seriously. You will have to throw up many times.

So, what genre would I put this game into? I have absolutely no idea. But I will say this. The game is a lot of fun to play and there are plenty of levels and plenty of variety to keep you playing. The visuals are a mixture of 16-bit and modern day. The main hub of the game is easy to navigate and you’ll be directed to where you need to go by arrows on the screen. The level designs are pretty good and I have to say some of them are quite creative. A lot of effort was put into making this game accessible yet challenging.

One of the best things in the game is the soundtrack. I was thoroughly surprised with the level of quality when it came to background music. I really expected old midi style retro tunes to be playing, but man was I wrong. You’ll get some cool beats and bas-thumping tunes to listen to as you eat and puke your way through the game. I think this alone also helps with keeping the game feeling fresh. The soundtrack alone should receive some awards because it is that dang good.

Your main quest in the game is to complete locate clams which bestow levels for you to complete in order to receive a pearl. Each clam hub will progressively get more difficult with new obstacles and enemies to overcome. Some enemies are actual bugs while others can just be floating spike balls or deadly walls. You’ll navigate through every level completing the task at hand. Now, I am not 100% correct in saying you have to eat all the tennis balls on every level because some levels you will be task with beating a boss or perhaps making sandwiches. Yes, its a very odd game that will throw a lot of different things at you.

Throughout the levels and hubs you will find disguises and power ups. These disguises will give you abilities like a longer vacuum time but less boost. Pick up these disguises whenever you see them because you can equip them prior to starting a level and there are times when they will make things much easier. You can also turn on Easy Mode at the beginning of a level which will make your level completion requirements a lot easier.
The game play is pretty straight forward. Your Princess Pig has a constant vacuum that sucks the tennis balls in. As you eat tennis balls, your size will grow and there will be times when you’ll have to dispense those balls through puking. Yes, you force yourself to puke and the balls come out covered in green. These vomit covered balls can aid you in taking out enemies. You can also use a boost by pressing A which will propel you forward. This comes in handy in knocking enemies around or breaking through barriers. Along with the puking mechanic, there is a shooting mechanic that allows you to pick up objects such as pillbug enemies and shoot them in various directions. Again, the main goal through most levels is eating all of the tennis a balls. So there will be times when you want to puke everything you ate into a confined area while you pick up new balls. Yu will automatically puke once full if you do not continue eating. Later in the game, you will also have a Tennis Ball can that allows you to store balls you have eaten which will allow you to shrink in size to get to other areas.

The levels are basically laid out as mazes in some regards. Some of them are open and straight forward but others will require some thinking. Especially when you get to the levels that have moving platforms and launch pads. While there really is never just one way to complete a level there is still always a most efficient way to receive the best time. The better your times, the better your medal will be that you are rewarded for completion of the level.

I didn’t really find any major faults with the game. I did have a few lockups when accessing the guide on my Xbox which caused me to restart the game. But these lockups seemed a bit random and it may not be 100% on the game. Its just something to be aware of. There are some instances where you will have to use your brain rather than being handheld by prompts or tuorials. I did happen to notice a few times when the on screen arrow did not appear which caused me to explore the whole level to find one last tennis ball. This did not happen a lot, but when it did it was frustrating. The game does do a good job for the most part always telling you what to do and where to go, so take my complaints with a grain of salt.

You achievements hunters will have a heck of a time with this game. There are some progressive achievements like eating 10,000 tennis balls or breaking 10,000 walls that will require some invested time in the game. Now, as I have mentioned there is a ton of content in the game to easily achievement these milestones over time, but time is the keyword. You’ll find achievements for getting gold medals, beating bosses, collecting disguises, defeating bugs in a certain fashion, etc.

Pig Eat Ball is a game that you can spend a lot of time with. It’s not overly difficult and the ability to turn on an easy mode definitely helps in completing levels. While the game looks small at first, as you progress you’ll see even more areas open up to explore such as the palace. New enemies arise as well as new obstacles the further you progress in the game. So honestly, it never really gets repetitive and you’ll find yourself sitting down to play this for fairly long periods of time. When I first started the game I really did think I would be stepping away from it quickly, but it reeled me in and I am having fun with it. It’s definitely something different that you can add to your library to play when you get tired of the same old games. While its not going to win game of the year or anything its still a decent investment for any gamer. There is even local multiplayer to keep your busy.

Now I think the price is ok, at $14.99, but some folks may think its a little much for a game like this. With the amount of playable content and the soundtrack I personally think the price is just right for this one. It might sell better at a $9.99 price point, but seriously folks this is a fun game. As I stated, its not going to blow anyone away but its solid and its something different. You aren’t going to find another game that even comes close to resembling this title. So that alone should make it worth the price. Support the Indie Developers and purchase titles like this one. It helps them and also gives us even more unique games to play and enjoy. Pig Eat Ball is worth its price. If you don’t think so, then I just may have to puke on you.

Score: 80 out of 100

*** A copy of the game was provided by the publisher for review and streaming purposes.

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