Microsoft looks to combat Sony and the PS5 with their own little tactics and approach to their Next Generation console Xbox Series X. Looking to unite gamers across all of its console generations, Sony on the other hand seems to be spreading rumor that the PS5 will mostly be about experiences only possible on the new hardware. What does that mean for gamers looking to upgrade to Microsoft’s latest and greatest? Jason Ronald, Microsoft’s director of program management, said “All of this is possible thanks to the power of the Xbox Series X, a level of performance never before seen in console.”

“With past console generations, the primary focus has been on graphic improvements, and with this next generation we’ll continue to see a step change in graphical fidelity. But more importantly, with this generation, is the power that you can feel.”

“As we move into this next generation with Xbox Series X, we’re really committed to tearing down all the barriers that exist in the ecosystem. We really want to make sure that everybody’s able to play regardless of the device the choose to play on and they have that great shared experience together.”

So basically, Microsoft doesn’t want to just release their new next gen console, and as we’re used to, leave the older consoles to die per say and slowly lose support over time. Rather, the idea would be to put out a new, much more powerful console, that’s not required to keep enjoying all the new games, but rather a performance option for the gamers and people that want to go that route, all while keeping Xbox One, and Series X users connected and playing together with no barriers just because of a newly released console.

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