Ever wondered what it would be like to board a rocket and take off to the moon? If you’re answer is yes, than this game from KeokeN Interactive is experience you’ve been waiting for. Join in on this story-driven action adventure Sci-Fi thriller as you travel on a mission to the moon to investigate what has happened to the Lunar Colony and the supply of Helium-3, which has been cut off from an energy deprived Earth.

You play the role as an astronaut in the WSA, or World Space Agency, who’s mission is to climb aboard the only readily available rocket left on Earth, and figure out exactly what happened to the MPT Network, the machine being used to transport the precious Helium-3, which is the only discovered source of power left for humanity. Earth’s natural resources have been depleted, and the only hope for any kind of future lies solely on your shoulders. You must get up there and restore power by any means necessary. You will have different tools and at times must find oxygen packs to navigate your way around the lunar station and down to the surface.

If you’re someone who likes to collect different things as you play, this game has many to offer. Actually, collectibles are a big part of following the story line and learning the mystery of what has happened. There are numerous things to collect and scan, such as magazines with hints at the backstory of the colony, different types of recorded memories, like holograms and echo tapes. These can be found pretty easily as the glow a bit when you’re near them, but some can easily be missed as you’re focused on cracking this mystery.

Visually the game is absolutely beautiful. You will sometimes come to find yourself just gazing out the windows of the station or looking above you to just appreciate the view. It’s amazing of how looking at earth from above makes you feel so small, and so far away from home. The colors are vivid, and everything is quite crisp. This has got to be one of thee most impressive looking Indie Games. A lot of the enjoyment comes from just simply admiring the views.

Along with the outstanding visuals, the game offers an outstanding experience with sound. They have really nailed the sounds of outer space and give the odd and uncomfortable feeling of being out there. Sounds up there just have a different tone that send chills down the back of your spine. As mention previously, the recorded memories that you collect throughout the game really give off the emotion and set the tone of situations with character expressions and background noises that really immerse you and make you think that it’s happening right in front of you. A great key to understanding a situation is being able to visualize what you hear.

Game play is done very well for a game that you could get skeptical about. Space movement and physics are a hard thing to hit the nail on, and they hit it right on the head. Playing through this game in the zero gravity environments give you a sense of weightlessness and euphoria, as you float and maneuver on your path. Very much on the other side, gravity is also done right. Moving around and controlling the environment is smooth and flawless.

As you’re up there wandering around all by your lonesome, you eventually really start to feel lonely. Like you’re literally the last one out there. Eventually you come across a little ASE robot needing repair that quickly diminishes that feeling. After you repair the little guy, it quickly servers a helping hand companion for you, as you must take control of it to navigate certain areas the main character cannot get to. Definitely adds the the already outstanding gameplay of this adventure and throws in a little teamwork, and a friend to accompany you on you’re journey.

Overall this is a solid game! Definitely deserving of a solid 8/10. If you haven’t checked this title out yet, give it a go and be an astronaut for awhile. And you get to try and save the earth! Who doesn’t want a chance to be a hero?!

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